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Who: NitroFit

NitroFit is a product of Medvibe LLC, a company dedicated to furthering the development and production of quality WBV equipment. NitroFit is a commercial line of WBV machines that are tried, true and tested. They are currently being used by celebrities, select members of the FBI, athletes, top executives, aestheticians, chiropractors, golfers, osteoporosis sufferers, fibromyalgia sufferers and more.


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We helped them set themselves apart from the many vibration companies out there by unbiased educating our customers about the available vibration technologies and empowering them to have a voice in the market. Medvibe wanted to promote business ethics and safety within their industry as a very essential value proposition. They have subsequently supplied several top University Physiology and Kinesiology departments with NitroFit machines. New groundbreaking studies have and continue to be published about their products and we are honored to continue a fruitful relationship with them.

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